Nutritional Value

It’s a phrase I use in almost every post. Almost, not all, but it is a recurring theme. From what I’ve searched and seen, I’m beginning to believe that I’m the only one who uses that phrase when it comes to life.

On every soda bottle, food wrapper, you name it, if you consume it, it probably has a little chart on the side that says “Nutrition Facts,” a little chart tells you the good and bad in what you’re consuming. But, there’s no “Nutrition Facts” chart for life. I don’t think there ever could be because we are the only ones who know what good and bad we get out of things we come in contact with.

I have a post that carries the title “Nutritional Value” and in it, I said:

Everything, from the food you put into your body, to the people you surround yourself with, to the books we read, the media we watch, it’s all nothing but different types of nutrition coming into your body. Whether it’s consumed by your eyes, mind or digestive system, it’s all got some sort of value.

For a long time, I tried to figure out a great phrase for assimilating information, adjusting to new circumstances, figuring out the pros and cons of a proposed course of action, or just figuring out if I liked something or not. That’s where the phrase Nutritional Value came from.

I remember the first time I used the phrase. I was discussing something with the ex, it was a project or something he had going at work, and while he was maliciously destroying someone else’s idea, I countered him and said, “I know that your point is valid, but you need to let people see both sides of things so that they can find the Nutritional Value in it for themselves.” From there, the phrase stuck and it’s been my go-to phrase now for almost 4 years.

Nutritional Value is found a lot of times by taking time to look at the really big picture. Sometimes people get so caught up in things that their view becomes one of looking down the inside of a soda straw, tunnel vision, if you will. It’s not a very broad view, so it cuts them off from being able to really suck the marrow out of their experiences, and in the process, they’ve lost an incredible amount of nutritional value they would have had, if they had only broadened their view to encompass the entire picture and everyone it affects.

Nutritional value is also a great model for trying to find the good when bad things happen. It’s a mantra for being optimistic. Ok, you’ve hit a rough patch, a pothole. Now, what are the good things you can find in what’s happened? That’s using Nutritional Value to cope and to persevere.

There is hope. In the darkest hours, when you can find hope, it’s the ultimate Nutritional Value, because it will carry your spirit and help you find the inner strength you need and that strength will radiate from you, touching and influencing everything around you.

Then there is love, the one emotion that takes all the Nutritional Value you find and wraps it up in a package that you can share with others. Showing love and compassion gives you an incredible amount of Nutritional Value to those who come into contact with you.

Most of all, Nutritional Value is a give and take thing. You get Nutritional Value out of things, the least you can do is have Nutritional Value of your own that you can share with others.My nutritional value was summed up by my friend Henning who told a whole bunch of people, “If you take the time to get to know her, you’ll find that love is the only truth and worth sharing every day.” Yeah, I have my good days and bad days, but, I always strive to have lots of nutritional value for the people around me and glean as much as I can from what happens to me.

Nutritional Value is everywhere, have you found some today?