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UruLive and “Cone Madness”

In my 10 years inside the MMO genre, I will tell you without hesitation that a game rarely ends up exactly the way it is envisioned by it’s creator. Often, a game asset just thrown in for fun can mean dramatically more to the community of players that interact with those assets day in and day out.

Take for example Uru’s orange traffic cones.

The cone. Who knew it would be so poignant?

Now, to the average person it’s just an ordinary traffic cone, but to someone from Uru, it’s so much more!

It’s a hat, it’s a way to play a practical joke on someone, it can be made into a Stonehenge-like “conehenge”, it can be used to create graffiti along with so many other things, and to be quite blunt, there are some days I sit back in awe over what Uru players can and have done with an orange traffic cone.

Inside Uru back in the day, a fluke in the physics engine revealed that if a player did it right, it was possible to balance their avatar on an inverted cone.  It took skill, timing and patience, but it was definitely possible.  Lo and behold, a whole new way to enjoy a traffic cone emerged, “Cone Balancing.”  Yup.  Don’t look at me, I didn’t do it.  However, there was one explorer by the name of Sudre that could take a cone and basically make it sit up and bark.

In the forums, there are long conversations surrounding “The cone”; tragic tales of “lost cones” and of course, there are more tales than you can shake a stick at about how someone went to the bathroom only to come back and find themselves “Coned” like poor MisterCloak in the photo.

What really gets me is that some folks hold the cone in reverence, like a Virgin Mary mysteriously appearing in a piece of Wonder bread…it’s odd to say the least.

It’s a cone made out of KI Markers.

But I’m the last one who should be saying anything at all!  Hell, I nearly took a photo of a stack of them in Lowe’s the other day to share with my friends inside the community! I once saw a pair of my friends, in real life mind you, run headlong into a busy intersection to save a single stranded cone in the middle of the street. I often sit back in sheer awe and wonder what folks in my online community will do, can do and have done for the sake of the orange traffic cone.

One fact remains: I seriously doubt the person who came up with the idea of having an interactive orange traffic cone in-game ever thought it would mean so much to so many.

By far though, my favorite photo of a “cone moment” is the one and only Rand Miller running from a cone.

Run Rand! Cone Madness has struck the community!

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