Monthly Archives: January 2013

Bully in the Shadows


As you all know, I grew up in a world silently suffering at the hands of bullies with no recourse – resulting in the illness I aggressively fight against every day.

Bullies rely on their threats and insults to strip power from their victims.  What they never expect is for their would-be victims to fight back.  Because I live day in and day out with C-PTSD and have an amazing support structure, it has fortunately turned my flight response into a full-on, both barrels loaded, unafraid, extremely ticked-off FIGHT response.

It truly breaks my heart to have to post about this, but to allow bullies to go unpunished is not my style anymore.

Yesterday,  as I began to post my spring preview post, I found something quite disturbing.

In the “comments waiting for moderation” was a comment written for the intentional and express purpose of emotionally harming, tormenting and traumatizing me. When I showed Ace the comment he said,”They used one word maliciously three times, that’s someone who knows you personally and wants to hurt you badly.”

Since the person took the time to use the exact same language as the despicable,  low-life bullies I grew up with, I can only speculate that it is one of them. The ironic tell-tale signature lies in the fact that this would-be assailant posted anonymously, extremely typical of the cowardly bullies I grew up with.

Attempting to verbally assault me via the comments section of my blog was a very lame, amateur attempt to exert power over someone they have no power over at all.

To this poor, jealous, pathetic individual I can only express my deepest pity. That their life is so unfulfilling that they must now resort to cyberbullying someone they’ve not seen in 20 years is a testament to how small and sad their life really is.

However if they feel the need to persist, I have only one reply, “Keep trying, one day you’ll get it.”

Oh and p.s.: Get a life.