Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dun, Dun, Dun…midterms

Do you know in the entire time I’ve been going to UNLV, I think this is the ONLY semester where I’ve actually had mid-term exams?  Yeah, if I recall correctly, I’ve not had a mid-term two weeks like this ever.  This sucks!

Mid-terms started with the wonders of Virtual Worlds.  Ok, you guys can just shut up with the “That’s not fair…” business.  Yes, I took my mid-term in 447, “Survey of Virtual Worlds and Social Media.”  Hey, I’m learning Unity!  Okay, yeah…I’ve had to play Second Life *barf*, those who know me know how I disdain that relic, but then I got to play WoW, and Minecraft…and oh, let’s see…URU!!!!!  Oh yeah baby!  Two weeks talking about my homeworld and my people!  Cavern Blood Runs Deep with Uru Pride!  (Doesn’t hurt I’m in the textbook…)

Next was my mid-term in Mass Media and American Politics…that was, okay….

After that was my Philosophy 102 exam…critical thinking….hmmm, wonder when I do that….hmmm….

But, the killer is on Monday.  Com 216 – Survey of Communications.  Plato, Aristotle, Burke, and a whole bunch of guys who make up the Humanities Tradition in communications.  I actually really enjoyed the lectures in this part of the semester, so with some reading and a whole ton of studying, only to take breaks to focus on World Concept, I should be good and busy until at least Monday afternoon at 4pm.

Speaking of…I have got to go out to vote…get it done early so that the campaign people stop calling my house.  At this point, I don’t care if the candidate is blue, red, indigo, purple or damn aquamarine…if those doodah’s don’t stop knocking at the door and ringing my phone, something nasty is going to happen to all those mud slingers, and I won’t be responsible for my actions.  Last week a republican vote solicitor wore my front door up his nose because he pulled the ultimate faux-pas…he woke me up.  Each and every one of you just cringed…I saw it!  I know you know what happened to that poor fella, he got eaten, first because he did the one thing you KNOW not to do, which is wake me up with startling or loud noises (moron just had to pound on the door), the second was just on general principle because he was a republican and touting a known town charlatan.  He actually had the audacity to shout through my door, “Won’t you even consider a republican for a local race?”  Sweeties, the guy could have been made out of money and hopping up and down like a jackrabbit with two golden rabbit’s feet, but if I am rudely woken up, all bets are off and you’re lucky if you get away with skin still attached.   When I first wake up, you better pray to whatever diety you worship that I’m in a good mood, otherwise, run for the hills because I have all of the tone, manner and demeanor of a large, lumbering, ticked off 1000lb Eurasian Brown Bear!  Ever seen the size of the paws on those guys?  Ask someone who has rudely woken me up, they can tell you from first hand experience. LOL!

But I had a laugh yesterday as 216 was wrapping up…Do you know that one of my professors purposefully watches the Weather Channel all during September-November?  He does it because it’s the only channel that DOESN’T show political ads.

I’m curious about winter storms, aren’t you???  Maybe they’ll put on some nature show so I might spot a bear while I’m studying and working.

Have a great rest of your week!